Events Planner Features

Events Planner is an exceptionally flexible and powerful event management plugin, simple to use, affordable, and full of all the features that most users will ever need.   No matter what kind of an event, training, conference that you plan to hold, EP is up to the task.   Most of the Events Planner advanced features are not available in any other event registration plugin or with paid service providers!  Furthermore, with our affordable customization services, you can achieve 100% coverage of your needs.

Most of the following features are available in all Pro licenses. No expensive add-ons, no multiple plugins to maintain.

Full Featured Event and Registration Manager

You will get access to a full featured, intuitive, easy to use event list and event manager.  You can create a simple or complicated event in less than 2 minutes.   You can hold virtually any kind of an event, conference, training, class, fundraiser that you would like.

Manage EventsEvent DatesEvent Times and PricesEvent Forms and MessagesEvent CartEvent Cart FormsRegistration ConfirmationManage Events Attendees

As an administrator of the website, you can

  • Create unlimited dates, times and prices
  • Offer individual and group registrations
  • Delete, record payments for each registration
  • See attendee counts, view, copy, export and print attendee lists
  • Send Email reminders
  • and a lot more...

The user can

  • Register for only one day
  • Register for one or more days
  • Automatically register for multiple days
  • Register for Class/Course with a set schedule
  • Receive confirmation email

Form Manager

You will have access to our easy to use, flexible Form Manager and collect any information that you would like from just the primary registrant or all registrants.

Form Field Manager Registration Form ManagerAssign form to eventRegistration Form

  • Easily create unlimited text, textarea, dropdown, radio, and checkbox fields
  • Assign the fields to unlimited forms
  • Assign one or more forms to each event, with the option to collect information from one person only or from all attendees
  • View or download all registration information, including the form data
  • With the Advanced license, you can also indicate price and discount specific forms

Payment Profiles

With the Payment Profile manager, easily create multiple payment types and control their use for each event. Currently the following types are supported and more are being added per users' request.

PayPal Express Checkout PayPal ProPayment MethodsSelect a Payment Method
*Credit card information is collected on your website so a SSL certificate is required. Your hosting provider will help you with this (usually $30-$60 / year).

  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayPal Pro*
  • PayPal PayFlow Pro*
  • Stripe*
  • Authorize.net AIM*/SIM
  • USA  ePay*
  • Moneris Hosted PayPage
  • Cash/Check/Money Order (Offline Payments)

Discount Manager

Events Planner is packed with powerful Global and Event Specific discount capabilities. The discount manager is one of our most popular features.

Event Specific DiscountSocial DiscountGlobal DiscountsDiscount Code in Cart

  • Create Automatic or Code based discounts
  • Each discount has a percent/fixed price option, capacity, start/end dates, conditions based on number of events, attendee quantities and registration totals.
  • With the Advanced license, you can upload a CSV file from Groupon, Living Social and other social discount sites and keep track of their usage.

Notification Manager

Easily create unlimited notification templates and assign them to events.  Furthermore, you can use those templates to send reminder or other emails straight from the admin interface.  You can use notification tags to display event/registration specific information in the email body.

Edit NotificationManually Send Email Default Email Template Dark Email Template

Event Lists, Calendars, Widgets, Templates

Events Planner comes bundled with event lists, calendar (different colors), upcoming event list widget and an advanced AJAX calendar widget.  With the help of theme templates, seamlessly integrate Events Planner pages into your WordPress Site and make it look any way that you would like.

Event ListEvent CalendarClass List pro-cal-widgetspro-map


Events Planner also is bundled with the following tools.

  • Location Manager - Create unlimited event locations and assign a different location to each event.  You can also assign a different date to each event date.  A nice slide down map of the location is accessed by your users with a single click.
  • Organization Manager -  use this feature to indicate which organizations are hosting the events.
  • Instructors - Create unlimited instructors and assign one or more to an event.
  • Surcharge/Tax options - use event specific settings to add surcharge/tax to your events.  With the Advanced license, add price specific surcharges with many options.
  • Waiting List - give your users the ability to be added to a waiting list, allow them to register if spaces open up ....

Full Year of Updates and Support

We go above and beyond to make sure everything works!  We use the professional desk.com support software to make sure every single request gets the best and fastest response.  On average, our users get a response the same day, most of the time even on weekends 🙂  Furthermore, we constantly improve Events Planner based on our users' input and make sure everything works with new versions of WordPress.  Most customizations sponsored by our users end up in the core plugin for all users.

The following advanced features are part of the Advanced and Developer licenses, most of which are unique to our plugin.

Advanced Time/Price Options

  • Date Level Time
  • Date or Weekday Specific Time
  • Date Level Price
  • Date Specific Price
  • Time and Price Capacity
  • Price Start and End Dates
  • Price Specific Forms
  • Member Pricing
  • Discount Specific Forms
  • Rolling Registration
  • Package Registrations (count and time based access tokens)
  • Deposit Option (collect partial payment initially then the remaining balance at a later date)

Advanced time and price optionsAdvanced time optionsAdvanced price optionsAdvanced Cart features

Event Cart, MailChimp, Advanced User Options, and Invoicing

  • Allow your users to register for one or more events simultaneously
  • Collect one set of information from attendees or different forms for each event
  • Use global coupons to give package discounts based on number of events and etc.
  • Users see a modal window to quicky add and remove events from their cart
  • Add registrants to a MailChimp user list
  • Allow a user to become a member of your website during the registration
  • Allow your users to keep track of their bookings
  • Auto-fill registration forms of logged in users
  • Check-in and keep track of user attendance
Here are some of the most common questions by our users.  If you have a specific question, please get in touch with us via the Events Planner Support portal and we will answer all your questions.

Can I use the license on a dev. server?


You can use it in a developer environment without any issues. With version 1.5, automatic updates will be enabled and you will have the option of selecting which installation will receive the automatic updates.

What are the system requirements?

Not much.

You need WordPress 3.5+, PHP 5.2+, and MySQL 5.0+, PHP cURL (pretty standard on vast majority of hosts out there). Since Events Planner is wholly built on WordPress architecture, if WordPress runs on your server without any issue, so will Events Planner.

What kind of support can I expect?

The Best!

We completely understand how important it is to have things up and running smoothly. If you hit a snag, we are here to help. We have gone out of our way numerous times to make sure our customers have things running as they should, event though vast majority of the time the issues are caused by other plugins and themes. We are proud of the quality of Events Planner and if there is an issue, most of the time we take care of it within hours.

Do updates cost money?

All updates are included for a Full Year!

With the purchase of a license, you are entitled to Full Updates for 1 year. That includes all updates to the plugin, extensions, and any new theme templates that your license covers.

Do you provide customization services?


Events Planner is very flexible and we use that flexibility to provide fast and affordable customization services. If you would like to find out more, please email us your requirements and we will provide you with an estimate. We have done a ton of customizations (from simple templates to complex processes) so rest assured that your needs will be taken care of!

Do you provide refunds?

We have very high satisfaction rates. We usually don’t issue refunds per our Terms and Conditions. However, in some very special circumstances (after tireless support of course), we will issue a refund if we can’t get Events Planner working on your install.

Can I take the Pro for a test drive?

You bet!

Please follow the instructions on Events Planner Test Drive page to get your very own installation of Events Planner going.