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Events Planner V3 update

16 March
Hi everyone. I am very sorry to say but V3, in its current form, will not be available for release. As I was recuperating from my sickness last week, I contemplated long and hard and decided that the direction that I am taking V3 in is not the best one. The code is pretty good […]

Events Planner Pro V3 Screenshots (2017-02-20)

20 February
Hi everyone. Very sorry for the delay with the new version. As with most software projects of this size, it takes longer and is much harder than anticipated. But hang in there a little longer as v3 is getting closer and closer to release. Here are some screenshots of the things to come. I am […]

Event Planner Pro v3 Update (2017-01-03)

12 November
Update (2017-01-03) Happy New Year everyone! I wish you and your loved ones all the best this year! A quick update on the v3. It is going very well. I am still very busy making the changes and will have a screenshot update most likely in about 2 weeks. Besides the major updates to the […]

Events Planner Pro Update

10 April
Update (2016-04-10) Hi guys. Version is available to the members (login).  V2 development is still in full force. It is still awesome and in use all over the place. V3 is still in the works. With so many things that the plugin can do, you can  imagine how complicated it has become 🙂 As a […]

Events Planner Pro update

08 March
Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I posted here last time.  I have been ultra busy with increases in inquiries, customizations, and improvements to the plugin.  Events Planner Pro is in full development and some really neat features are planned for this year.  One of my highest priorities is adding more and more event lists […]

Events Planner Pro 2.0 – Update 2

28 October
Hello everyone. I am running some final test of version 2.0 and should have a public beta available for the members later this evening or first thing tomorrow morning. So far things look great. I will be mostly checking the gateways today. I have managed to squeeze a highly requested feature into this version: partial […]

Events Planner Pro 1.4 – Part 1

05 June
Hello everyone. I have posted the first public beta of Events Planner Pro v1.4 in the members area (please do not use this version in a production environment.)  Thanks to the huge amount of input and suggestions from you all, I think this version will be very well received by vast majority of the users. […]

WordPress 3.5 and Events Planner

12 December
Hello everyone. Just in case you are not aware, WordPress 3.5 is out. I am delighted to say that there were only a couple of very minor things that I had to fix to make EP compatible with WP 3.5. 1) It looks like wpdb:prepare() statement now requires two parameters ( ). Both the […]

What’s coming in PRO version 1.3

26 August
Hello everyone. I am happy to say that version 1.3 is very close. Please read on to see some of the notable features that you will be getting with this release. A beta version will be posted in the members sections this week. All current PRO license holders will have access to this version. Registration […]