Events Planner V3 update

16 March

Hi everyone.

I am very sorry to say but V3, in its current form, will not be available for release. As I was recuperating from my sickness last week, I contemplated long and hard and decided that the direction that I am taking V3 in is not the best one. The code is pretty good but I am afraid that if I continue, in a year or two I will be facing the challenge of another major code revamp. It is a very time and resource intensive process and I can't afford to take that wasted approach.

With this said, here is the plan for Events Planner.

  1. I have directed my attention back to v2 and will be taking care of some pressing issues. I want to release an iteration of it very soon and actively continue development until V3.
  2. I will be doing a full re-write of the next major version, with current technologies, with PHP 5.4 as the minimum version. It will take a while to do this but I believe that the tremendous input from my users requires this approach. I have already laid out the plans and will begin the rewrite soon.

I am terribly sorry for disappointing you guys but the experience of doing the plugin for close to 6 years has made it clear that this is the right thing to do. Please look for a newer V2 very soon.