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10 April

Update (2016-04-10)

Hi guys.

Version is available to the members (login).  V2 development is still in full force. It is still awesome and in use all over the place.

V3 is still in the works. With so many things that the plugin can do, you can  imagine how complicated it has become 🙂 As a result, development is taking longer than anticipated. I currently don't have an ETA but am hoping to have it ready in the summer.  It will still have all the features of V2, with underlying code improvements as the most prominent change.

Thanks, Abel


Hi everyone.

Sorry for the lull in the blog posts. I have been very busy with Events Planner Pro version 3. It has a lot of underlying changes, many improvements, and will set the stage for faster development. I have added improvements to the cart, event lists, single templates, waitlist, to name a few. Please sign up to the newsletter as I will be send out a notification as soon as a beta is ready (hoping to have the first beta in October). As always, please feel free to get in touch with me via the Support Portal should you have any questions or comments.

Thanks, Abel

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